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FRONTLINEdance’s ‘Moving Together’ Programme  is designed to provide an opportunity for those who have long-term health conditions to move together with others whilst reaping the benefits it has to offer in a relaxed and enjoyable way. We combine physical, social, and mental health interventions whilst creating a rich, supportive community for each attendee to be part of. Standing and sitting options. Suitable for MS, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Cancer and Rheumatoid conditions. Socialise, keep active, increase your energy and build your confidence.

COST: Pay What You Can – suggested £5 donation per session

We always welcome new members! Please contact us to find out more and register your interest.


Contact Information
St John's Centre, Newcastle Rd, Trent Vale, ST4 6QD
Opening Hours
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm