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North Staffs Mind

Paid for Services (Counselling)

One of our highly trained counsellors will work with you to improve your emotional wellbeing.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Competitively priced
  • At a mutually agreed time and frequency
  • We offer Telephone or online sessions, due to COVID-19
  • A range of interventions to suit your needs including CBT methods, Solution Focused based and Person-Centered therapy
  • A diverse range of experienced and professional therapists

(Adults: £40.00 per session, or a reduced charge for means tested benefits – CYP are charged at £40.00)

For further information, and to complete a referral, please visit: our referral form

Adult Instant Messenger Service (free to access)

Our Adult Instant Messenger Service is available every weekday between 10.00am – 1.00pm and 2.00pm – 4pm. We offer an online chat about anything that is affecting your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Please note, this is not a crisis service. To access this service during the times listed above, go to our home page and click on the chat widget

Adult Support Groups (free to access) 

Tuesday Support Group  – A social support group for anyone over the age of 18

Be Excellent To Each Other – suitable for males over the age of 18

Further information for our groups can be found by visiting: our groups page

External Supervision / Debrief Sessions

Supervision for external staff offers a reflective space for staff to think about work, and to find new ways of working with clients/service users.  It provides a valuable place in which to offload in a supportive although appropriately challenging, arena. It also values supervision as a learning process.

We offer Supervision to other staff from other agencies, including frontline workers. We may also provide one-off debrief sessions, during serious incidents experienced within the workplace. This offers staff members affected, an opportunity to speak openly and to process their experiences, which may help to protect affected staff members emotional wellbeing.

We offer individual or group supervision. Our sessions can be offered either face-to-face or remotely. Our charge is £45.00 per session (hour) for individual supervision or £120 per two-hour session for group supervision of up to 6 people.

Corporate Counselling Service

We deliver a high-quality EAP service to corporate companies with employees affected by Mental Health. Our charge is £45 per session. Bespoke packages are available on request.

Training and Development

We offer a range of high quality training workshops on a variety of topics associated with mental health. Examples of some workshop titles are: ‘Mental Health Awareness’, ‘Managing Mental Health in the Workplace’, ‘Understanding and Managing Stress’, ‘Well-being and Resilience’, ‘Understanding Self-Harm’. All our trainers are qualified experienced therapists who hold a case load of clients; this means the training that we offer is informed by the knowledge and understanding we gain from working directly with those with mental health issues. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working to adapt our material so that we can offer remote as well as face to face training. In doing so, we are striving to maintain our high standards of delivery and ensure that workshops remain interactive and enjoyable, as well as informative. Our training represents excellent CPD for professionals, as well as providing expert input around mental health for businesses and employers.


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