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University Hospital North Midlands

A lung health check is an MOT for your lungs; if you are 55- 74 years of age, a smoker or have ever smoked and your GP has this on record then you may be entitled to a FREE lung health check.  This is for patients registered with Stoke on Trent GP practices, as part of a national trial.

This check is a simple phone call with one of our health professionals, who will go through some questions with you and then decide whether you need a lung scan (picture of your lungs).

Even if you think your lungs are fine it is best to get them checked out.

Most people will be told they have healthy lungs; however a lung health check can help find problems early – often before you notice anything is wrong.

If lung cancer or another problem with your breathing or lungs is found early, treatment could be simpler and more successful.

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