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Windmills- Acute Bereavement Support for Children and Young People in Staffordshire

To preserve and protect the physical, emotional and mental health of Children & Young People when someone significant in their life is dying, or has died, by providing bespoke, focused and supportive acute bereavement care. Windmills differs from any other Child Bereavement Charity as it solely focuses on supporting Children and Young People through the acute dying process and up to a few months after the death has occurred.

We aim to normalise feelings of grief, aid a child/young person’s understanding of death and provide memories for them that last a lifetime.

We specialise in getting involved as soon as possible when a terminal diagnosis has been received – whether that is due to illness (for example – Cancer, respiratory/heart conditions, life limiting disease) injury (for example – RTC, murder, suicide) or any other cause.

We can support families or healthcare professionals alike through the ‘breaking bad news’ conversations or even deliver them on your behalf. A Practitioner will be made available 24 hours a day to attend the location of the person who is dying. This will include acute healthcare settings. The Practitioner will advocate inclusion of the Child or Young Person within the dying/death process through a bespoke programme of support.

Continued support will be made available for up to one month following the death.

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